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B.4 Miriad

The miriad front-end works on any simple terminal, and is not restricted to a particular operating system or computer type. To invokeB.1miriad, type:

        > miriad
The usual system prompt will be replaced by the Miriad% prompt:
and miriad will read a file, lastexit, with the values of all parameters saved when you last exited miriad (see EXIT below). This file will be created/read in/from your current working directory.

We shall now describe all miriad commands in more detail. A summary of the commands, and their syntax, is given in Table [*] at the end of this section. Commands not known to miriad are simply passed to your host operating system. This means on VMS the command DIR, and on UNIX the command ls, would still be usable and valid commandsB.2.


(c) Peter Teuben