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It is often convenient to assign a parameter value to the default. This assignment is accomplished with the command unset. For example, if the task histo had been run with inputs:

        in       = gauss
        region   =  
        range    = 0,1
        nbin     = 10
but you wanted to run histo with the default for nbin, you would type:
        histo% unset nbin
Multiple parameters can be unset on the same line. Thus, to assign both range and nbin to their default values, you would type:
        histo% unset range nbin
Then, typing:
        histo% inp
will result in miriad replying
        Task:   histo
        in       = gauss
        region   =  
        range    =  
        nbin     =
The command reset can be used to unset all parameter values (not just those of the present task selected); use with caution.

(c) Peter Teuben