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B.4.1 Command and command line switches overview

The two tables summarize all of miriad's commands (Table [*]) and the optional command line switches (Table [*]). As an example if you want to keep all default files located globally accross the filesystem, independant of the project you're working on, you could create a subdirectory in you home directory, and use that when you startup miriad. A UNIX example:

    % mkdir ~/def
    % miriad -d ~/def

Table: Miriad shell command overview

\begin{tabular}{\vert l\vert l\vert l\vert}\hline
Command & Syntax & Comments \\...
...iew & view [taskname] & edit task parameters in a keyfile\\ \hline

Table: Miriad shell command line switches

\begin{tabular}{\vert l\vert l\vert l\vert}\hline
Switch & Environment Variable ...
...GER & document pre-formatter [{\tt doc}] \\? & & help \\ \hline

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