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A Gentle Introduction to NEMO

A Gentle Introduction to NEMO


NEMO is an extendible Stellar Dynamics Toolbox. It has various programs to create, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body and SPH like systems, following the classic Unix pipe and filter architecture. In addition there are various tools to operate on images, tables and orbits, including FITS files to export/import to/from other astronomical data reduction packages. The source code consist of a little under 1000 files and 150,000 lines of code, mostly C, and some Fortran and C++. This presentation will not teach you how to use NEMO; for this, you should consult the resources listed below. Instead, they will help familiarize you with the important concepts and hopefully make it easier to learn to use NEMO.

Other Resources


Session 1: NEMO is a package
Session 2: Command Line User Interface, Data, Graphics,...
Session 3: DEMO1: an interesting script
Session 4: Programming in NEMO
Session 5: Importing from other packages