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A Gentle Introduction to NEMO

3: demo1: An interesting script

This demonstration script will show some of the things you can do with NEMO. (see also the attached flow diagram.)
The script, called demo1 does not need any parameters to run, however, it has a number of optional command line arguments to alter the flow and execution of of the script. They all have the familiar keyword=value syntax, but nothing more and nothing less (i.e. they do not use the usual NEMO programs CLUI.

The script does roughly the following:

  1. Create a 3D-exponential disk for given Q
  2. Integrate the disk, with an optional static halo potential, using a treecode
  3. Show some plots and movies of the evolution of this simulation
  4. Get the pattern speed of the bar (script: do2)
  5. Freeze the potential, and do 2D-orbit analysis (script: do1)
  6. Find periodic orbits, draw characteristic diagrams (TODO)
  7. Project disk on the sky, add beam smearing and derive radial velocity moments (mom 0,1,2)
  8. Get rotation curve and subtract model from model-model
The script is launched from any unix shell. What the user types appears in this font.
  1. Start the script
    $ demo1                      # using all default parameters 
    It will run through the whole script, of which the most time is consumed by the actual
    N-body integration
  2. Now run it again, for example to see the movie for another orbit:
    $ demo1 goto=movie orbit=10  # orbit 10 selected 
    It will however also do the remainder of the script. Just a demo after all...