*LOGO* NEMO - A Stellar Dynamics Toolbox

*: Version 3 is now available via CVS, April 1, 2001.

Version 3.0.2 released May 16, 2001.
For the regulars: keep reading the What's New , the What's Up , and the What's Down memos in NEMO!

What is NEMO?

NEMO is an extendible Stellar Dynamics Toolbox, following the Open-Source Software model. It has various programs to create, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body and SPH like systems, following the pipe and filter architecture. In addition there are various tools to operate on images, tables and orbits, including FITS files to export/import to/from other astronomical data reduction packages. The source code consist of a little under 1000 files and 150,000 lines of code, mostly C, and some Fortran. We also advertise other software packages , which work on similar problems. 


* Documentation

The following manuals and documents describe various aspect of NEMO. The hypertext versions were compiled with automated tools, and may not all be in great  shape, however, for all of them fine looking postscript files are available.

* Images and Snapshots

Some example images which can be generated with NEMO are shown here. Most of them have clickable images, which may take some time loading, and they may not be as pretty as they appear on the screen, but give you an idea of the kind of environment NEMO offers. In addition a Snapshot Data Archive of interesting simulations are now available.

* Papers

Papers that discuss Stellar Dynamics Software can be found in: If you acknowledge the use of NEMO, and want to refer to a publication, this is the most current one:
Teuben, P.J. The Stellar Dynamics Toolbox NEMO, in: 
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV, 
ed. R. Shaw, H.E. Payne and J.J.E. Hayes. (1995),
PASP Conf Series 77, p398.
I prefer to receive a reference (a (p)reprint is even better) of any paper in which NEMO has been used.

* Installation - Anonymous FTP Source Code

The NEMO anonymous ftp directory has the following to offer: Difficulties during installation are most likely resolved by consulting Appendix G in the (rather large) manual , and checking last minute changes that are discussed in the $NEMO/README file. You may also pick up some hints from my NEMORC.local file.

If you download NEMO, we ask that you register the software, you can also optionally be notified of new releases. Send us an email!

* Other Software

Other software, that we know of, that deal with particle simulations, are (apologies if the URL appears outdated, please let me know if so):

* N-Body Data Interchange Format

A discussion took place on if to choose an N-body Data Interchange Format, and if so, which. An e-mail exploder (nbody@astro.umd.edu) was used installed to act as a discussion forum, and sample data are archived locally and elsewhere.

* Local Information

NEMO is maintained by Peter Teuben . He works in the Laboratory for Millimeter-Wave Astronomy , part of BIMA , at the Astronomy Department of the University of Maryland at College Park.

* Feedback

Please send us email if you would like to leave some comments.

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