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A Gentle Introduction to NEMO

1: NEMO is a package

NEMO is a collection of programs running under most Unix environments (Linux, Solaris, SGI). It is normally operated within a Unix shell, in which a number of environment variables are used to control NEMO. Any scripting environment (e.g. C-shell, perl, tcl/tk) can be used to assemble tools in a variety of ways for complex data processing.

How does one start NEMO

One has to change the interactive shell (C-shell) a little bit, by adding some environment variables and adding NEMO's bin directory to the search-path. This is normally done in one step. E.g. at INAOE:
	 % source /net/nemo/nemo_start       # older version (2.5.4) 
         % source ~teuben/nemo/nemo_start    # latest version (3.0.2)  
which can be done via the .cshrc file, or providing an alias the loads NEMO on-demand (cf. astromake)
	 % alias nemo 'source ~nemo/nemo_start; unalias nemo'