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G.3.6 mknemo

The previous process only installs the necessary libraries. At this stage each program needs to be loaded manually. The script mknemo should be installed for this (see section [*]). To install the programs hackcode1, mkplummer and snaprstat you could issue:G.7

    % mknemo hackcode1 mkplummer snaprstat

The mknemo script is a little bit smart about certain different structures of compiling programs, e.g. if there is no single sourcecode found (as with hackcode1), it does accept a directory with that name, after which the local Makefile is allowed to take over. Clones, such as hackcode1_qp cannot be installed this way though.

Don't forget to run the rehash command if a command was new. Everything should be set up to use NEMO!

(c) Peter Teuben