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G.3.5 make install

A full installation starts with installing the essential libraries, after which application programs can be compiled at will.

On a Sun4 workstation the default installation is invoked by:

    % make -i sun4 >& make.log &
    % tail -f make.log
      <Control-C>                       #  to abort tail
We have added an (stdout + stderr) redirection of the screen output to a file here and also put the job in the background for convenience. Also, the extra -i flag will force the installation through possible errors. The log file make.log is to check for errors afterwards.

Particularly at this stage, before you compile source code, you may wish to review if certain system dependant features compiled correctly, and patch the system. No good facilities are available from the top level, but Makefile's in the appropriate directories usually contain information and are flexible enough to patch the system with a minimum amount of effort. A number of standard patches are described in the next Section.

(c) Peter Teuben