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B.2.3 Yapp_pgplot

A graphics device in PGPLOTB.6is defined by preceding it with a slash, in the same way as is done in PGPLOT itself. Optional parameters can be supplied before the slash. The following list gives an overview of some of the available devices (your list may be a lot shorter (see '?' in list below):

?           Get a list of all currently defined graphics devices
x,y/sun     Sunview, (x,y) = sizes in inches [8,8]
file/ps     Landscape Postscript, file=filename []
file/vps    Portrait Postscript, file=filename []
/null       Null device
/xwindow    X-windows
/xdisp      pgdisp or figdisp server
/tek4010    Tektronix
/gterm      IRAF Gterm window within sunview
/retro      Retrographics
/file       PGPLOT Metafile
/gf         Graphon
/ws4        Landscape

BUGS: When a non-zero help level is used, one cannot specify system keywords, other than by specifying them through environment variables,

Also consult manual pages such as getparam(3NEMO) and yapp(5NEMO).

(c) Peter Teuben