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Conventions used in this Manual

The following typographical conventions are used in this manual:

Text in italic, such as image(3NEMO), mean a reference to a UNIX manual page. In this case the command

    % man 3 image

would bring up the manual page $NEMO/man/man3/image.3. In some case (like actually this one), the 3 can be left out. See also man(1).

Text in verbatim are used to display the contents of source files, or sample interactive sessions. The latter come in a few categories, where the system prompt denotes the system you're on. Currently you may see samples from a UNIX shell (csh), where the command is preceded by the percent (%) symbol, and the bourne shell (sh) where the dollar ($) is used4:

    % ls 
    $ ls

Text in boldface is used to denote UNIX environment variables.

(c) Peter Teuben