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tablovas - Lovas spectral line catalogue manipulator (**preliminary**)


tablovas in=... [parameter=value]


tablovas manipulates the Lovas spectral line catalogue in the frequency range between 0 and about 3.4 THz (wavelengths longer then about 0.1 mm).

Selecting col=all has been specifically designed to maintain the exact format of the database, such that subselections can be made.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input table, in fixed 132-characters-per-line format. [No default].
Species to check for. The default is all. There are currently about 155 species in the catalogue. Note names are case sensitive.
Columns to print out. [Default: all]. ** Note ** Currently selection by column names is not active. You can either choose all, or something else, in which case a shorter version with only name, freq will be output.
Frequency range to select. Two numbers are required, with an optional third character string specifying the frequency units given and requested (the catalogue’s numbers are listed in Mhz, and this is the default). Note that if the units of freq are changed, so will be units of err and lgint. We only support MHz, GHz and THz. See example below.
Lower line intensity cutoff applied to the output. Default: all will be printed. ** Note **: not implemented
Table name, in which output is gathered. Default: terminal. Not implemented


The format of the columns is as follows:
1. name
molecular formulae
2. freq
calculated frequency, with 2 uncertainty. between brackets. (Units: MHz).
3. freqobs
measured frequency, if available. (Units: MHz).
4. elow
Lower energy level (Units: cm-1)
5. rqn
Rotational quantum numbers
6. ss
symmetric state (E, AA etc.)
7. hqn
hyperfine quantum numbers F,F1
8. ri
Relative intensity for hfs, spin weights for CH3OCH3
9. sij
line strength, Sij.($S_{ij}$) For several species (u**2)Sij is also listed.
10. a
Negative logarithm of the Einstein coefficient, -log(A).
11. refs
references (Roman Numerals)


The following command lists all species present in the catalogue
    % tablovas in=master.lis species=all col=name | awk ’{print $1}’ | sort
| uniq
  or shorthand:
    % tablovas master.lis all name | awk ’{print $1}’ | sort | uniq
tablovas is also suitable to be chained using Unix pipes and NEMO’s convention to use ’-’ to designate a file on stdin/out (see getparam(3NEMO) ).
    % cat master.list | tablovas  - ... | tablovas - ... | more

See Also

tabpp(1NEMO) , awk(1) , grep(1v) , perl(1)

Lovas, Frank J. (1986) J.Phys.Chem.Ref.Data 15, 251.

Recommended Restfrequencies for Observed Interstellar Molecular Microwave Transitions 1991 Revision appeared in J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 21, pp181-272 (1992).


master.lis    the big database (~46575 lines)
345365.dat    small database for lines in the 345-365GHz range (634 lines)


frequency selection does not include errors in frequency determination yet.


Peter Teuben


29-apr-92    V1.0 Created                         PJT
17-apr-96    documented the new URL             PJT
3-mar-01    documented another new URL             PJT

Table of Contents