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miller - convert Miller’s (ascii) plot file to snapshot format


miller in=plot_file [parameter=value]


miller converts miller(5NEMO) (ascii) plot files to NEMO snapshot(5NEMO) format.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input file name. Must be in miller(5NEMO) ascii plot file format. No default.
Output file name, in snapshot(5NEMO) format. If no name given, the input plot file is scanned. Default: none.
Random mumblage for humans. This would overwrite the run_id that is stored in the header of the plot file. Default: none.


You can only read miller(5NEMO) files, not write them.

Since the input format does not contain velocity information, the output snapshot file has zero velocities. By differencing two adjacent snapshots, this program could derive velocities compute new positions at the midpoint. This is currently not done.

No snapshot selection yet. Keywords times= (to select by time ranges) and select= (to select by snapshot numbers) are anticipated for this.

Reading is done rather liberally. For example, the header is assumed to contain a run id (a string on the first non-blank line), followed by 30 integers and 32 reals. The data (4 integers per line) is followed by two blank lines, but the number of blank lines is actually irrelevant (could even be 0).

See Also

tabtos(1NEMO) , miller(5NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO)


Peter Teuben

Update History

12-jul-94    V1.0 Created    Peter Teuben

Table of Contents