Lecar 1968 : The IAU 25 Body Problem

This table (in "atos" format) lists the positions of all 25 particles. The 25th particle is the one that sets the center of mass at (0,0,0), if you have very different floating point hardware, you should compute it yourself. See also: A comparison of eleven numerical integrations of the same Gravitational 25 body problem, Myron. Lecar, Bull.Astr. 3, 91. 1968 (in: Colloque sur le problem gravitationnel des N corps).
The data can be converted as follows (although snap0 = $NEMODAT/iau25.dat and should already exist in your distribution), with a few checks on center of mass and energy:
    atos iau25.data snap0
    snapcenter snap0 - one=t | tsf - maxprec=t
    hackcode1 snap0 snap1 eps=0 tol=0 tstop=0
    tsf snap1 maxprec=t