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Extensive on-line help is present on three levels. First of all, each running program comes with dynamic inline help, reminding the user of the keywords, their default values and a small one line help with the meaning of a keyword. It is part of the user interface, for which the programmer is responsible. The advantage of this lowest help level is that it is much less likely to be out of date than the ones described next and does not need the whole NEMO environment.

The second form of help is a standard UNIX manual page for each program. This is an example how NEMO is integrated into the UNIX environment, and where it immediately opens up interactive hypertext/browsing of documentation with ``standard'' tools like xman and tkman. The third form of help is an extensive ``Users and Programmers Guide''. It contains numerous examples how to use, program and extend the toolbox. Recently, NEMO has also entered the World Wide Web and now distributes information from a central site.