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5.4.1 A few potentials

Here we list some of the standard potentials available in NEMO, in a variety of units, so not always $G=1$!

Remember that most NEMO program use the keywords potname= for the identifying name, potpars= for a list of parameters as listed below and an optional potfile= for the few that have an associated datafile for the potential. The parameters listed in potpars= will always have as first parameter the pattern speed in cases where rotating potentials are used. A Plummer potential with mass 10 and core radius 5 would be hence be supplied as: potname=plummer potpars=0,10,5.

plummer: Plummer potential (BT, pp.42, eq. 2.47) \begin{displaymath}
\Phi = - { M \over
{ {(r_c^2 + r^2)}^{1/2} } }

Pattern Speed
Total mass
Core radius

Figure: Plummer potential properties
\epsfxsize =12cm
... To generate this plot run ....}
\end{center} \vspace{1.0in}

(c) Peter Teuben