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5.3 Tables

NEMO has a few programs that manipulate table files, although much more can be done with standard UNIX programs such as awk(1). A few examples are given how they can be used together. Programs such as mongo(1L) can be used to display results. If you're in the possession of sm, most of the functionality of the table programs can be reproduced with sm. A quick and dirty plot can also be made with tabplot(1NEMO).

The following example shows how tabmath(1NEMO) and awk(1) can do the same thing:

    1% tabmath tab_in tab_out %1+%2
    2% awk '{ print $0,$1+$2 }' tab_in > tab_out

One can also use the table programs in UNIX pipes, and use NEMO's feature of denoting a '-' (dash) as filename for standard input/output files:

    3% awk '{print $1,$3,$5}' tab_in | tabmath - tab_out \

Don't ask why such a complicated ifgt construct, it's just an example. See nemofie(3NEMO) for the syntax options of the third (newcol=) keyword of tabmath.


(c) Peter Teuben