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5.2 Images

In this section examples are given how to create an image (from a snapshot), show a contour diagram, and export the image as a FITS file and use it within another package. Specific examples are also given how to read in that FITS file in AIPS and IRAF without having to deal with tapes. In case one really has to do the FITS I/O via tape, the standard UNIX program dd(1) can be used. See also ccdfits(1NEMO) for details how to do this.

Images in NEMO are currently completely stored (in memory as well as disk) as double precision floating point numbers, which limits programs to of order 1024 square maps, depending how much memory your machine has. There are also the xyio(3NEMO) routines which allow more atomic (line oriented) access to the image data, but programs generally don't use them.


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