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Oct 86 - Jun 87
Initial development on a network of SUN3 workstations at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ by Barnes, Hut and Teuben.

Jun 87
export version, for easy installing on BSD4.2, we call it alpha version 1.0a.

Jul 87
test phase for installing on an VAX 8300 running Ultrix 1.2: mods: Makefile, new cc and make (cc has no -L flag on ultrix) tsf.c casting of pointers and advancing pointers fixed

-Mar 88
various installations at MIT, Drexel U. in Philadelphia, U.of Illinois at Urbana (Convex, Alliant, Gould) tested and done. New programs and updated programs keep coming in at a steady rate.

Mar 88
Many UIUC changes: getparam() has a few new system keywords, (debug, yapp, host). History mechanism in data file I/O means that now get_hist() and put_hist() must be called, optionally add_hist(). dprintf() added to getparam.c for user debugging aid, can now be called in user programs. Yapp_mongo used. Environment variables YAPPLINT and YAPPLINP are now encouraged in user Makefiles. Documentation into one big TeX file for users as well as programmers.

Jun 88
IAS and UIUC versions have been merged again. Improved filestructure (Josh), user interface, data history mechanism, yapp interface (Peter). Documentation end manuals significantly improved. Still a number of items in the 'problems' area not resolved.

Nov 88
IAS and UIUC versions have been merged again.

Spring 89
Manual updated - working on class/course problems - lots of working examples added to manual. MD version is now slowly diverging from IAS version.

Summer 89
Groningen version installed on a combined SUN/Alliant network - shows difficulty of maintaining a shared disk environment with different versions of the binaries (binX, libX, objX, datX) -

August 1989
Version prepared for official beta release 1.1. (Maryland)

December 1989
Experimental multi-CPU release (1.2) (Maryland)

February 1990
Minor upgrades, mainly SUN4 and multi-CPU bugs. (1.3). Toronto's version has been dubbed ZENO now.

May 1990
Slightly expanded manual for the Pittsburgh Workshop and some minor upgrades every here and there.

Summer/Fall 1990
An attempt to merge Starlab and Nemo - added some extra functionality to filestruct and merged story concept. Total directory structure overhaul: all code related to a particular topic is in its own directory in $NEMO/src. The tree starting at $NEMO/usr will now be used for user contributed software. In particular, $NEMO/src/kernel contains a small core of NEMO which can be used without any of the parallel branches.

Fall 1991
Slowly progressing the $NEMO/src tree. A few new sites for export maintained.

Summer 1993
Some support for C++ and Starlab.

January 1994
Solaris 2.x support, started WWW.

Winter 1995
Linux, Dec Alpha and SGI support added, since they allow dynamic object loading. Manual in html (latex2html)

Spring 2001
Installation converted to configure/autoconf.

April 2004
Slight directory change for the directories created during the installation, this ends the era of the multi-CPU tree. Also removed a last environment variable that was used in Makefiles, now they are all inherited from the ones created by configure. Released between the Strasbourg Nbody-school and the College Park FAM04 tutorial/workshop weeks.

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