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J.3.8 Release MD-2.0

With this major release upgrade the directory structure has been modified away from 'user' oriented to 'topic' oriented. The 'user' oriented stuff is now under $NEMO/usr, whereas the more stable 'topic' oriented under $NEMO/src. Some files live in both, in which case the $NEMO/src version should take preference.

$\bullet$ dlopen() version of loadobj, as well as ldl (``gnu''). Still some problems, but they are Sun bugs, not ours. Certain complicated expressions fail. dlopen may also work on NeXT.

$\bullet$ yapp and loadobj separated out and cleaned up

$\bullet$ small subset of numerical recipes maintained

$\bullet$ stories in snapshots

$\bullet$ random access additions to filestruct, and support for little and big-endian machines using auto-byte-swapping. Hence no Macro's used. Slow?

$\bullet$ bodytrans using fie.

(c) Peter Teuben