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H. Troubleshooting

Fatal errors are caught by most NEMO programs by calling the function error (see error(3NEMO)); it reports the name of the invoked program and some offending text that was the argument to the function, and then exits. If the $ERROR level is larger than 0, an error call can postpone the exit for the specified amount of times. If the $DEBUG level is positive, programs also produce a coredump, which can be further examined with local system utilities such as adb(1) or dbx(1). Most of the error messages should be descriptive enough, but a list is being compiled for the somewhat less obvious ones.

Another annoying feature can be large amount of environment variables used by packages. NEMO is no exception. In Section [*] below all of the environment variables used by NEMO are listed and their functionality. Sometimes they interfere if used in conjunction with other packages.


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