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G.1 CVS - NEMO V3.2

Most of this is now described in more detail in the file README.install, but briefly here are the steps of a typical current NEMO install, using PGPLOT, in csh (there still is no proper sh support):

  setenv CVSROOT
  cvs login			(a one-time only RETURN)
  cvs -Q co nemo
  cd nemo
  (mkdir local; cd local; cvs -Q co pgplot)

  ./configure --with-yapp=pgplot --with-pgplot-prefix=`pwd`/lib
  source nemo_start
  make postconfig
  source NEMORC.local

  make pgplot
  make vogl
  make libs
  make bins

This process takes currently 2.5 minutes (P1.6GHz laptop, redhat 9) and produces about 190 programs and occupies about 125MB of diskspace

(c) Peter Teuben