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F.5 cp80

potname=cp80 potpars=$\Omega,\epsilon$

Contopoulos & Papayannopoulos (1980, A&A, 92,33) used this potential in the study of orbits in barred galaxies. Note that their ``bar'' is oriented along the Y-axis, and an axis ratio is not well defined. The potential used is given by adding an axisymmetric component to a m=2 fourier component: \begin{displaymath}
\Phi = \Phi_1 + \Phi_2
\end{displaymath} where $\Phi_1$ is the Isochrone potential with unit scalelength and mass, and $\Phi_2$ the Barbanis & Woltjer (1965) potential: \begin{displaymath}
\Phi_1 = - { 1 \over { (1 + \sqrt{1+r^2})}}
\end{displaymath} and \begin{displaymath}
\Phi_2 = \epsilon r (16-r) cos(2\phi)

(c) Peter Teuben