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tablst - list a (binary) table


tablst in=table-file set=set-name col=colname(s) [parameter=value] ...


tablst lists columns of a table. The table may as well be in standard binary (filestruct(5NEMO) ) format as in standard ascii format. When no binary table is found, it assumes the data is in standard ascii, and lists the appropriate columns.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
input table file, can be ascii or binary filestruct(5NEMO) format. [no default].
Name of the (first) set in the file. If no setname is given program tries to find the first setname. If no set is found (e.g. in case file is a normal ascii file) is will try to handle the file as a regular ascii table file. [default: first setname/ascii file].
List of names of the columns to be printed. The list must be comma or space separated. For a binary file the actual names of the columns are required, for an ascii file the column numbers, 1 being the first. [no default].
Number of lines to skip in file before attempting reading data at all [default: 0].
A stride through the data can be applied, when showing the table, meaning every strideth line will be shown, starting at line number skip (see previous keyword). [default: 1].
Format with which the column is displayed [%f].


tablst $NEMODAT/plum.dat OsipkovMerrittModel Radius,Mass,Potential,DistFunc

See Also

various tab* programs


Peter Teuben

Update History

27-Oct-88    V1.0 created    PJT
4-Nov-88    V1.0a set= keyword can be left empty    PJT
1-dec-88    V1.1 also allow ascii file    PJT
2-apr-21    add EXAMPLE

Table of Contents