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stoo - convert snapshot to orbit: choose one or more particles


stoo in=snapshot out=orbit [parameter=value]


stoo selects one or more bodies from a snapshot file, and converts it to orbit format, for further processing. Orbits are stored sequentially, the Key field in the snapshot is used to identify the orbit. If no Key field is present, the first snapshot has key 0.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
input file, in snapshot(5NEMO) format. Cannot be a pipe if multiple stars selected. [no default]
output file, will be in orbit(5NEMO) format [no default]
ranking number of the star in the snapshot file, normally the Key field. Multiple stars can be selected here, e.g. 0:1000:10 in the usual nemoinp(3NEMO) notation. However, all orbits need to be allocated in memory. [default: 0].
number of timesteps to be allocated. Dont concern yourself with this one, just for future. [default: 1].

See Also

snapshot(5NEMO) , orbit(5NEMO) , orblist(1NEMO) , otos(1NEMO) , orboom(1NEMO)


Peter Teuben


~/src/orbit/misc       stoo.c

Update History

27-jul-87    V1.0 created    PJT
8-jun-88    V2.1 new filestruct    PJT
23-jun-91    V2.4 fixed bugs, upgraded doc for NEMO2     PJT
24-jul-2013    V3.0 added support for multiple orbits and use Key    PJT
11-nov-2015    V3.1 efficient version without rewinding file    PJT

Table of Contents