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programs - list of currently available nemo(1NEMO) commands, ordered thematically


These are some of the tasks currently available under to run under NEMO. If a program name is preceded by a dash (-) they do not have NEMO’s getparam(3NEMO) user interface and are sometimes not even found in $NEMOBIN. Program names ending on a star (*) are available under this and sometimes more wildcard names (e.g. snapplot and snapplot_ps) Program names ending in a questionmark (?) are not available yet, but we’re thinking of making them. Check the future-plan software(8NEMO) document to see if anyone is working on them yet.

Programs we don’t have are in other(8NEMO) ...

This thematic style was inspired by GIPSY.

1. GENERAL INFORMATION (only doc/man)

programs    list of programs (this file)    [8]
intro        list of programs (alphabetical)    
software    status software developement    [8]
files       summary of all special files
example      example skeleton file for manual page writers    [8]
usage205    a very short an simple instruction list for CYBER 205 users [8]
usageeta10    some comments on ETA-10 usage [8]
cookbook    a quick list of what to do to run (e.g.) treecode on the 205 [8]
tricks        useful tricks and bug detours [8]

2. Utility

mknemo        compile NEMO progams, out of directory
-nemoshow        check environment, show NEMO system variables/keywords
nemoman        create a template man pages from a compiled program
nemoinp      test parsing of numbers
units            units conversion utility (unix)

3. Data Conversion

atos,atos_sph      convert an ascii snapshot file into snapshot(5) format
stoa,stoa_sph      convert a snapshot(5NEMO) file into an ascii file
u3tos, u4tos    convert nbodyX datafile to snapshot(5NEMO) 
tabtos        convert ascii table into snapshot format
snapprint    create table of snapshot variables
snapfits    Convert snapshot into FITS random group format
snap3dv       convert snapshot to 3dv format for 3D display
stoo          convert a snapshot(5) file into an orbit(5) file
otos        convert an orbit(5) file into an snapshot(5) file
snapccd        grid a snapshot(5) file into an image(5) file
snapgrid    grid a snapshot(5) file into an image(5) file
ccdfits      convert an image(5) into a fits(5) file
tsf             type a structured file
rsf           read a structured file
csf          copy a structured file and swap bytes if needed
hisf        display and manipulate data history of a structured file
bodytrans    test (and/or create new) body to scalar mapping routines
bswap           swap bytes
snapxyz       convert snapshot to xyzc data
fitsgrid    convert fits binary table to an image by gridding
unfio        access fortran unformatted I/O files
units           units conversion utility
wcs           (astronomical) world coordinate system transformations

4. N-body Realizations

anisot        create distribution function table for anistropic spherical models
mkommod       anisotropic velocity distribution (Merritt)
mkplum        plummer model (falcON)
mkplummer    plummer model 
mkdisk      uniform disk of test-particles in external potential
mkspiral    uniform disk of test-particles with logarithmic spiral
mkpolytrope      polytrope sphere
mkbaredisk    almost stable disk...
mkexpdisk    almost stable disk... (test version)
mkexphot     3D-exponential hot disk inside assumed halo
snapenter    interactive, quicky
mkconfig    ...
mkhomsph    homogeneous sphere
mkhom       homogeneous sphere
mkisosph    isothermal sphere
mkmestel    Mestel disk
mktestdisk    toy program
mkkd95        Kuijken-Dubinski-95 composite disk-bulge-halo model
mkgalaxy    McMillan/Dehnen composite galaxy models (falcON)
magalie        Boily et al. composite disk-bulge-halo model

5. N-body Integrators

hackcode1*     C-version of TREECODE: with optional time slicing
hackcode3*    C-version, with optional fixed particles/background potential
directcode    simple direct N-body code
-treecode          (Hernquist’) fortran version of HACKCODE
quadcode    global quadrupole-order N-body code integrator
potcode        fixed potential N-body integrator - optional dissipation
nbody0         aarseth integrator, variable timestep (toy version)
nbody1         aarseth integrator, variable timestep (full version)
nbody2      aarseth integrator, with Ahmad-Cohen neighbor scheme
nbody4        Hermite N-body code with optional stellar evolution
newton0*        multi-purpose N-body integrator
gravsim0    frontend for the GRAVSIM family of integrators
gyrfalcON    a superberb N-body tree code
galaxy        3D FFT N-body code
scfm        N-body integrator using the self-consistent field method
-mass99        SPH code

6. Plotting, Printing

snapdiagplot*    diagnosis of an N-body run
snapplot*    display N-body snapshot file
snapplot3    display N-body snapshot file
trakplot*    display N-body snapshot file (cumulative)
snapplotedit    display and edit N-body snapshot file (interactive + mouse)
xyzview          Display 3-D position & velocity data
tsf             type structured file
snaplist    make listing of N-body snapshot file
snapprint    make tabular listing of N-body snapshot file
radprof*    radial profile and plotting
snapslit*         Simulate taking a slit spectrum of an N-body snapshot
snapaxsym    Axisymetric image view of a snapshot
plarrow_ps    plot an arrow in postscript
pltext_ps    plot text in postscript
-movie,movie_sv    display screendumps in orderly fashion
mkcolor      create color table
snapccd         construct CCD velocity-moment image from an N-body snapshot
snapgrid    general image constructor from snapshot
snapsmooth*    variable smoothing of an N-body snapshot to an image
ccdsmooth        smoothing of a 2D image map
ccdmath       image arithmetic, using function expressions
ccdfft        2D Fast Fourier Transform of a map
ccdfits       create fits file from an image
ccdplot           contour/gray-scale for an image
ccddisplay    display 2D image on Sun screen (non-yapp suntools)
ccddump       dump contents of an image
ccdstat         statistics on image
ccdprint    print out map values at gridpoints of an image
ccdvel           create a velocity field
ccdsub          subset/average of an image
snapaxsym    Axisymetric image view of a snapshot
-ds             image display program (suntools)

8. Orbit Utilities

mkorbit      quick making of an orbit for orbit(5NEMO)
stoo          conversion of snapshot(5NEMO) to orbit(5NEMO) format
otos        convert an orbit(5) file into an snapshot(5) file
orbint           integrate an orbit using potential(5NEMO) file
orblist       list an orbit
orbplot*      plot an orbit
orbdim             dimensionality of phase space for an orbit
potlist       show potential and forces of potential(5NEM0) file
pspeed       Tremaine & Weinberg pattern speed of system
perorb      search for periodic orbits

9. Manipulation

hackforce*    add hack-forces to a snapshot
snapscale       scale phase space coordinates of an N-body snapshot
snapshift    shift phase space coordinates of an N-body snapshot
snapcopy    copy particles of snapshot subject to conditions
snaprotate      rotate an N-body system
snaptrim    cut(extract) a snapshot file down in size
snapsphere    take a selective number of particles from a snapshot
snapcenter    center a snapshot
snaprect    diaganolize moment-of-inertia of snapshot
snapmask          mask out certain particles
snapdist    distance between two snapshots
snapmass    add masses to a snapshot
snapspin    add spin along Z-axis of a snapshot
snapvirial    scale snapshot while retaining virial ratio
snapcmp        compare two snapshots
snapcmphist    compare two snapshots and plot histogram
snapplotedit    interactive graphics editor for N-body snapshots
snapdens    local density estimator using nearest neighbor
hackdens    local density estimator using nearest neighbor and tree

10. Combination

snapstack       add snapshots, optional offset them

11. Analysis

snapstat          compute various statistics of a snapshot
snappeak        mode analysis on snapshot
snapkinem    lagrangian kinematic analysis
snapinert    --same--
snaprect    diaganolize moment-of-inertia of snapshot
snapdiagplot*    diagnosis of an N-body run
snaphist    histogram of projected radii and velocities
snapvirial    scale snapshot while retaining virial ratio
diag205       diagnosis: prepare 205 logfile to tabular data
radprof*     radial profile, fitting and plotting of snapshot
unbind         unbind stars from a system
snapstab    report on stability of a stellar system
snapfour    fourier analyze a snapshot

13. Table Manipulations

tabmath       general table mathematics - mini spreadsheet
tablsqfit        linear least squares fitting of tabular data
tabhist      histogram plotter
tablst        ascii output of binary table
tabsplit    split a table into two
snapprint    tabular output of a snapshot
tabpp         Poynter-Picket spectral line catalogue manipulator
--awk          UNIX program with a lot of similar capabilities

14. Fits

fitshead    dump the header of a fits file
scanfits    scan a fits file, optionally extract and convert
fitstab      convert fits table to ascii table
snapfits    convert a snapshot file to a fits file
ccdfits         write a fits file to disk
fitsccd      read a (fits) image file from disk
sdinfo        info and benchmarking SDFITS files


tablsqfit        general linear least squares fitting of tabular data
tabhist      histogram plotter
snaprect    diaganolize moment-of-inertia of snapshot
rotcur          fit kinematic parameters from velocity field
ccdvel        create theoretical velocity field
rotcurves    rotation curve of a composite potentials
snapfit      fit a (6D) snapshot to a (3D) data cube

16. Starlab

dtos          convert STARLAB dyn to NEMO snapshot
stod          convert a NEMO snapshot to a STARLAB dyn 
tabpairs    analyze interaction histories of stars in a starlab simulation

17. Astronomy

wcs           (astronomical) world coordinate system transformations


Peter Teuben

See Also

index(1NEMO), other(8NEMO), software(8NEMO)
The NEMO Users/Programmers Manual

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