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nemoshow - overview of current NEMO environment


nemoshow [parameter=value]


nemoshow is a program that checks your NEMO environment, and gives optional extra help on setting it up.


Show settings of environment variables and NEMO’s hidden system command line parameters. [default: f].
Show settings of system defines as can be used in a C-program to separate system dependant code inbetween #if defined(XXX) and #endif. [default: f].


The NEMO filesystem (an excerpt)
$NEMO/                -- toplevel directory
    inc/            -- include (.h) files for compilation
    lib/            -- library (.a, .o) files for linking
    bin/            -- executable files
    man/            -- manual pages
    text/            -- alternate doc on NEMO (e.g. TEX files)
    usr/            -- sources, per contributing user
    src/            -- sources, per topic
    data/            -- data files (some binary, some ascii)
    obj/            -- object files for loadobj (all binary)

See Also

index(1NEMO) , programs(1NEMO) , files(1NEMO) , The NEMO Users/Programmers Manual.


~/src/kernel/misc    nemoshow.c

Update History

xx-xxx-86    in the mind..                                    JEB
xx-apr-88    V1.0: a program nemo created           PJT
7-jun-88    V1.5: small updates                             PJT
7-jul-89    V1.8: more env-var’s to be checked                PJT
11-sep-90    V2.0: renamed to nemoshow                        PJT

    It’s easy to create,
    but being responsible for what
    the creation does is something else.