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image, read_image, write_image, create_image, create_cube, copy_image, free_image - high level image i/o


#include <stdinc.h>#include <image.h>int read_image(instr, iptr)stream instr;imageptr
int write_image (outstr, iptr)stream outstr;imageptr iptr;
int create_image
(iptr, nx, ny)imageptr *iptr;int nx,ny;
int copy_image (iptr, optr)imageptr
iptr;imageptr *optr;
int create_cube (iptr, nx, ny, nz)imageptr *iptr;int
int free_image (iptr)imageptr iptr;
DescriptionThese routines provide
a high-level interface to a CCD-like image  structure. read_image() reads
in a full image (which may be a cube), pointed to by the pointer iptr from
a file pointed to by the stream instr. It returns 0 in case of an error
(allocation), 1 if OK. On success iptr contains a valid address for an image.
iptr is allocated using malloc(3), and free_image() can be used to free
the space (free(3)) used by an image. write_image() writes the image pointed
to by iptr to a file outstr. create_image() is like read_image, but only
allocates space and sets most image header (except the size) variables
to zero. create_cube() is the extension of create_image() for 3D images.
copy_image copies an image, but not the image elements.  All header elements
are copied. AuthorPeter Teuben See Alsoimage(5NEMO), fits(5NEMO) Files
~/src/pjt/image         image.c image.h image.3 image.5

Update History

xx-jul-87       original version        PJT
23-dec-88       V2.3 velocity added     PJT
18-jan-89       V3.0 3D implemented     PJT
27-jun-89       V4.1 added free_image   PJT
9-sep-02        V6.2 added copy_image    PJT
8-may-05    V5.0 added reference pixel to datafiles, no API impact yet here     PJT

Table of Contents