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get_snap - input method for standardized snapshot files


#include <snapshot/snapshot.h>
#include <snapshot/get_snap.c>
get_snap(instr, btab, nbody, tsnap, bits)
stream instr;
Body **btab;
int *nbody, *bits;
real *tsnap;

Descriptionget_snap is a generic method for reading snapshot data from
a file, to be included by the preprocessor in an application program. It
assumes that a body structure with standard declaration and accessor macros
Body, Mass(), Phase(), etc has been defined (see body(3NEMO)). Notes: (1)
if *btab == NULL, a new body array of length nbody will be allocated, which
may be accessed when get_snap returns, while if *btab != NULL, it must
point to an array of length nbody, and any new data in the input stream
replaces the data in the body table. (2) bits is the logical OR of the bit
flags for the individual components, defined in snapshot/snapshot.h. (3)
The name get_snap is a macro, defined by get_snap.c, so the include statement
must come before the first usage. (4) The vanilla get_snap or any subsidiary
routine may be replaced by giving the macro name a definition before including
See Alsoput_snap(3NEMO), body(3NEMO), snapshot(5NEMO). AuthorJoshua
E. Barnes.