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checkpars - check consistency between keywords described in man page

and executable

Synopsis [-v] [-f tasklist] [-h] [-u]


checkpars reports on a consistency check if the parameters listed in the man page of a program are in agreement with the ones reported via the getparam(3NEMO) . Not only should the same parameter names be documented, but also their order. Typically the verbose output would report the two lists, e.g.
man: [’in’, ’out’, ’mom’, ’weights’, ’axis’, ’win’, ’sigma’]
bin: [’in’, ’out’, ’mom’, ’weight’, ’axis’, ’win’, ’sigma’]

has an obvious typo.

By default a predefined tasklist is used, but this is not an exhaustive list. Using the -f flag another list could be passed (only the first word per line is the name of the program to be checked).


    % make checkpars
    python -v > checkpars.log
    Files read: 200
    Bad files found: 104
    % more checkpars.log

See Also

mknemo(8NEMO) Checkpars currently can only be run from the $NEMO



Parker Tewell


$NEMO/src/scripts/             script
$NEMO/src/scripts/tasklist        default list of binaries to check

Update History

15-apr-2021    first version        PPT
30-apr-2021    added -v flag        PPT
06-may-2021    added -h flag        PPT
21-may-2021    draft man created   PJT
29-may-2021    added -f flag        PPT
22-jul-2021    added -u flag        PPT

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