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btrtrans, btitrans - obtain pointer to body-scalar mapping function


#include <bodytrans.h>typedef real (*rproc_body)(Body *, real, int);typedef
int  (*iproc_body)(Body *, real, int);
rproc_body btrtrans(string expr)
btitrans(string expr)


btrtrans and btitrans provide a high level interface to define an arbitrary body to scalar mapping function. Depending if the type of the function is real or int, btrtrans or btitrans has to be used. The expr is the body scalar mapping to be used.

Both routines return a function pointer, which can then be used to call the desired function. For more details on the allowed expr see bodytrans(1NEMO) .


rproc_body fsum;
Body  *bp;
real   t, sum;
int    i;
  fsum = btrtrans("x+y");
  sum = (*map)(bp,t,i);

See Also

bodytrans(1NEMO) , bodytrans(5NEMO) , body(3NEMO) , bodyfunc(3NEMO) , bodyfuncs(3NEMO)


Josh Barnes

Update History

20-nov-89    Doc Created    PJT
11-sep-90    Manual updated    PJT
15-aug-06    prototype definitions finally documented    WD/PJT

Table of Contents