NEMO BIBCODE Manual Reference

These are the BIBCODE references within NEMO that refer to papers, so we can establish a link between code and paper. For most codes we do this via their unix man page (.1, and even .5). In these man pages there should be a reference in the FILES section where the code is located in NEMO. For some codes that do not have a manual page, the source code file will be mentioned.

Created on: Mon 27 Dec 2021 08:30:41 PM EST by teuben@T480(none)

CGS.1 2005A&A...433...57T
epic5.1 2012MNRAS.421.1089P
firstn.1 1960ZA.....50..184V
firstn.1 1963ZA.....57...47V
galaxy.1 2014arXiv1406.6606S
gyrfalcON.1 2002JCoPh.179...27D
hackcode1.1 1986Natur.324..446B
mkgalaxy.1 2007MNRAS.378..541M
mkkd95.1 1995MNRAS.277.1341K
mkop73.1 1973ApJ...186..467O
mkplummer.1 1974A&A....37..183A
mktt72.1 1972ApJ...178..623T
quadcode.1 1983ApJ...274...53W
runbulgerot.1 2008MNRAS.385.1359N
scfm.1 1992ApJ...386..375H
GalPot.5 1998MNRAS.294..429D