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WIP User's Manual

James A. Morgan
- Radio Astronomy Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley
- Laboratory for Astronomical Imaging, University of Illinois
- Laboratory for Millimeter Astronomy, University of Maryland

Version 2.1
October 1996
Printed: Wed Nov 13 14:21:26 EST 1996

WIP Description

WIP is a graphics software package available (at least) on Sun Workstations, VAX/VMS systems, Linux machines, Cray/UNICOS, and CONVEX systems. WIP is intended to be used to generate high quality graphics (using the PGPLOT graphics library) with a minimum of effort.

Restrictions on Use

WIP is copyright by the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association (BIMA) Project. All portions of WIP, including source code, may be used subject only to the following restrictions:

  1. Unmodified WIP may be distributed freely on-site and may allow unrestricted access worldwide;
  2. Modified WIP must clearly note its non-standard nature and that portion derived from WIP can not be claimed as proprietary;
  3. Distribution of WIP requires formal notification to the WIP contact listed below;
  4. Receipt of WIP binds all recipients to the above restrictions and to all restrictions on portions of WIP not developed by BIMA (especially PGPLOT).


We give no warranty, expressed or implied, for the software and/or documentation provided, including, without limitation, warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Trademark Acknowledgments

UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. CRAY and UNICOS are registered trademarks of Cray Research Inc. Sun is a registered trademark and Sun Workstation a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. VAX and VMS are registered trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. PGPLOT is copyright by the California Institute of Technology (all rights reserved).

WIP Contact

Please address all communication concerning WIP and this manual to:
James A. Morgan
Astronomy Program
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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