Using ylabel along with an annotated box generated using the ``Z'' option may not produce an optimally placed label. Try using mtext L 3.5 0.5 0.5 ylabel-text instead of ylabel (as shown in Example E.10).

Note that to left justify the text and activate the cursor, the justification argument should be something like -0.001.

If 16#16 only has a value of 2, the plane number may only be 1.

According to the FITS guidelines, the BLANK keyword should be used only with data with positive BITPIX values.

Astronomical images displayed in right ascension and declination should provide CRVALi and CDELTi values in units of degrees and degrees per pixel, respectively.

Because of the way Basic Image files are loaded, header information may not be extracted automatically, or, for that matter, even accessible.

This is to prevent macros from calling themselves.

The command buffer is never removed; even if there are no commands in it.

The current maximum length for the value of a string variable is 256 characters.

Just like predefined commands, no predefined user variable, vector, string variable, or function may be removed.

A very simple solution to this would be to define a macro with only the one command needed and then use loop to execute it repetitively.

Note that calling this macro with a vector, string variable, or function is an error and will cause the macro to abort.

This default device may still be overridden with the command line option -d device-type (see Appendix B).

If you are not familiar with these terms, don't worry, they refer to advanced VMS and UNIX concepts you can learn about. Check with someone more experienced than you or with a system manager to learn more.

Files on the command line are read in the order in which they are typed on the command line (left to right) and are read until either an error occurs or until the interactive state terminates (an end command not associated with either a define or insert command).