WIP Version 2.3 Changes

This version reflects corrections and enhancements to WIP (Version 2.3). The primary changes should make it easier for Linux and VMS users to build and use WIP. Other changes include:
  1. Zeroed the tolerance factor (TOL) in polyfit.c routine so the diagonal elements will not be zeroed unnecessarily.
  2. Added a MAIN__ routine for Linux machines in wipmain.c to suppress the warning message caused by the mix of Fortran and C. If it ever reaches that routine (it should not), WIP exits with a warning.
  3. Added a warning to the data reader (wipreadcol()) so the user is notified when the number of points to be read is truncated to the internal array maximum.
  4. Added a check for and removal of any include file TRUE/FALSE definitions. Apparently, some gcc (under Linux) compilers (incorrectly) define these variables.
  5. Used an #ifdef to temporarily remove the Debug code in heq.c. This block should remain removed until PGPLOT 5.1.0 code is the earliest version required by WIP. WIP should also be generalized so that this second device could be specified by the user.
  6. Created makewip.com for use with VMS machines. As a result, a few changes were needed in the source code:
    1. The keyword readonly is reserved by VMS. So it was changed to justread in wipmain.c, inoutput.c, and declare.h
    2. The inoutput.c routine was modified to write an additional newline when the message is sent to stderr. This keeps the error message from being overwritten by the next prompt.
    3. The unpack.c routine was missing some trailing semi-colons.
    4. The spool.c file was modified to handle the way VMS treats system calls.
    5. Definitions of WIPINIT (in wipinit.c) and historyFile (in inoutput.c) needed to be ifdef'd for WIPVMS.
    Thanks to Lieven Vandevelde for testing the makewip.com script and for pointing out these changes.