WIP Version 2.2 Changes

This version reflects corrections and enhancements to WIP (Version 2.2):
  1. Corrected a bug in the image driver routines. A variable wasn't declared large enough and so some headers caused memory overwrite.
  2. The previous version of WIP (2.1) had removed a comment in the parsing routine for the cursor command. The command then issued (incorrectly) an error message. The null command has been reinserted.
  3. The winadj command in the image2.wip file in the Examples was incorrect. This has been corrected.
  4. Re-inserted the stdin option to the command line. This is now done using the convention of a double minus sign (--).
  5. Added the command line option -q to enable quiet mode so no informational messages are written to stdout. This will be useful for plot devices that use stdout as their file. It should probably be used with the -x command line option. It is turned off when interactive mode is started.
  6. In version 2.1, the arc command was corrected to agree with the documentation that angles increase counter-clockwise. This made WIP not backward compatible for this command. The fix for those with previous macros is the following. Suppose you had: Then, make the following change: Alternatively: If you also use the angle command to rotate the entire arc, then you must also multiple its argument by -1.
  7. Debug mode was changed from a global variable to a subroutine. This included adding a new user variable (debugmode).
  8. The wedge command has changed (again). It now has a simple default box argument if none is provided by the user. It appears most people will want a basic box (BCSTN/M) and will only occasionally need to override this default. The examples show how to override the default; to get no box, use the box option 0.