WIP Version 2.1 Changes

This version reflects corrections and enhancements to WIP (Version 2.1):
  1. Flipped the sense (direction) of the color palettes. This will affect previously defined scripts but it is better to get the correct form now than to confuse others down the road. The impact of this is also seen in the wedge routine. Also added palette 0 which is a ramp from the background color to the foreground color. This palette is now the default when a new device is chosen.
  2. Added the beam command. This pointed out the need to fix the arc subroutine. It was drawing incorrectly when an axis direction was reversed (eg. X-axis as RA). Now all angles increase counter-clockwise as per documentation and regardless of axis orientation.
  3. Added a file in the Examples directory that defines a macro which can handle FITS files with the CDx_y matrix (common in HST images). This also demonstrates how to specify the transformation matrix for images with arbitrary rotation.
  4. Added an optional argument to the image command that will permit smoothing of the input image data.
  5. Added optional arguments to the halftone command that causes histogram equalization to be performed on the color LUT. A blank value can also be given to be ignored by the histogram algorithm. Only the selected subimage is counted.
  6. Modified the wedge command. This permits user defined tick arguments to get used. The change also requires the user to provide box label arguments if they want a box around their wedge.
  7. Modified panel command to allow a negative third argument. If it is negative, then the panel ordering goes left to right and top-down.
  8. Modified fits.c driver to permit BITPIX=8 (byte) images.
  9. Modified inoutput.c and declare.h to recognize NOVARARGS flag. This was added for those systems that don't handle varargs.h properly.
  10. Modified error bar routine to permit locations 5 and 6. Now all the checking for proper location values is handled by PGPLOT.
  11. Fixed makewip and wipdefs.h for OSF/1 compilations. It was defining alpha but that was used as a variable in some routines. Changed alpha definition to OSF. (I hope this is generic enough.)
  12. Added subroutines wip[gs]etcir so the color index range changes would directly affect the user variables cmin/cmax.
  13. Corrected the way color index ranges are tested in histo.c and points.c and how cmin/cmax are initially defined when a device is opened. Histo.c and points.c now get the full color index range permitted for the current device rather than the range specified by cmin/cmax. When a new device is opened, cmin/cmax are set up to be the same values as internal to PGPLOT (ie. cmin is always 16 and cmax, if smaller, is set to 0). Palette.c was also modified to limit the palette range to indices larger than (or equal to) 16.
  14. Changed sysdepunix directory to just sysdep. The script makewip was modified accordingly.
  15. Created a new directory called fit, moved plot/linefit.c into it, and then split the individual fitting routines into their own files. The script makewip was modified accordingly.
  16. Added the command line option "-e cmd [args]" which permits one to issue an initial command. It is executed after the files are read and before the -x option is checked.
  17. Added the cyclic palette (option 12). Thanks to georg@itpgyro1.fzk.de for suggesting it.
  18. Created a log directory and put the files of changes (like this one) in it. Also converted them to HTML so they could be accessed from the WIP home page.
  19. Changed the default action of basic images to NOT byte-swap. Since basic images are usually created locally, they are probably stored in the native format. However, I also added the ability for users to override this default by specifying the image type with an upper case letter.