WIP Version 1.7 Changes

This version reflects corrections and enhancements to WIP (Version 1.7):
  1. Upgraded required PGPLOT level to 4.9G.
  2. Modified interact.c to permit exact matches to a command/macro name. The exact match method precedes the minimum match algorithm. Hence, similar macro names like `macro1' and `macro12' should now be able to be separated. (I hope I haven't opened a can of worms....)
  3. An error associated with empty file reads in wipexecute() has been fixed. The mistake was that the number of points in an array was not reset on every call so the previous value was retained.
  4. readata.c has been modified to check for zero length files (i.e. empty files). Also, error messages have been fixed in readcol() to correctly display the entire input line in error messages.
  5. Moved definitions of HEAD/BUFFER/ENDIF in vocab.h to extern declarations (i.e. allusions) and added definitions to wipinit.c. This was to remove archive-time errors for MIPS.
  6. Fixed a SEG error in ifxecute.c that was happening if the closing brace was not present in the command.
  7. Added Gaussian fitting to the FIT command.
  8. Added LOGARITHM command and started to remove X/YLOGARITHM commands. The LOGARITHM command now operates on any vector or the current image. The X/YLOGARITHM commands still work, but print a warning to the user to use the new command and warns that the next release will remove these two commands.
  9. Added code to permit optional addition of the READLINE library and commands. This also included a modification to the make script.
  10. Fixed bug in macro definition which wasn't creating a case-independent macro name (i.e. the name is now forced lower case).
  11. Added "new" and "free" commands to list of permitted entries in the user's .wipinit file.
  12. Modified the basic number reader to be able to handle Fortran's D-exponential format for double precision numbers.
  13. Modified the number formatter (wipfpfmt) so that fractions like 0.1 and 0.2 (and smaller) both format the same.
  14. Modified makewip script for use with Solaris. Also modified the makewip script to not recursively call itself. The control flow should be a bit quicker now since it does not need to create child shells over and over. Also added the READLINE, CCNAME, and WIPOBJ environment variables.
  15. Added ability to minmax command to force recalculation of the min/max of images.
  16. Rewrote all image drivers to use level 3 I/O subroutines rather than the level 2 routines.
  17. Moved opaque pointers from type (char *) to (Void *). Void has been properly typedef'd based on STDC status.
  18. Added "-g" command line option. Currently, this only affects the image drivers. In time this should expand.