WIP Version 1.3 Changes

This version has introduced two new concepts to WIP:
  1. Multiple image formats are now acceptable. WIP silently probes the image type and if an appropriate type is found, the image is loaded. As a result, more image formats may be easily added by mimicing the call format of the other image drivers. Additionally, the image driver code is isolated from the rest of WIP such that drivers may be skipped if a particular site does not want to support it.
  2. The addition of the commands NEW, FREE, and ECHO. These commands allow the user to define new user variables, release them, and print their current value. These commands have come as a result of modifying the command SET to allow more than 3 operational arguments. Now, SET works somewhat like a TI calculator (but with Left-to-Right precedence only).

    As a result of this change, WIP is now NOT backward compatible with macros that used functions. As an example, if the user had the command: set \0 \0 abs (s)he should change it to the following: set \0 abs(\0) The advantage of this syntax (as well as the TI format) is that many of the macros that were multilined due to multiple SET commands may now be reduced in size and should become more readable.

    Additionally, the NEW and FREE commands allow macros to define local scope variables. This should reduce the likelyhood of crosstalk between user variables.

    The command ECHO permits the user to display the result of a SET-like expression (or value of a user variable) on the work display.

  3. As a result of the modifications to this version, the following changes need to be made prior to rebuilding WIP:
    1. Remove the current library libwip.a.
    2. Remove the obsolete script mir.wip1.
    3. Remove the following obsolete files:
      • wip/wipsrc/plot/variable.c
      • wip/wipsrc/sysdepunix/fillinit.c
      • wip/wipsrc/include/arrays.h
      • wip/wipsrc/include/conf.h
      • wip/wipsrc/include/files.h
      • wip/wipsrc/include/plot.h