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tvflag is a program from the ancient times that works only in 8-bit X windows displays. Nowadays our X servers all work in 16, 24 or even 32 bits. The CARMA cookbook discusses two ways you can still use this interactive program, if more manual ways, such as uvflag and pgflag, are too cumbersome:

  • start a new X session in 8-bit mode. Easy on linux, hard or maybe SOL on mac.
 % startx -- -depth 8 :1

but you probably will need to use a more color friendly window manager (.e.g. twm, fwwm)

  • use VNC to start an 8 bit display
 % vncserver :1 -depth 8 -cc 3 -geometry 1024x768
 % vncpasswd
 % vncviewer :1

and in this new 8 bit viewer:

 % xmtv &
 % tvinit server=xmtv@localhost
 % tvflag vis=vis0 server=xmtv@localhost
 % vncserver -kill :1

An interesting new alternative approach can be found in mirflag/plotvis, written for ATNF CABB data.

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