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== Interesting links ==
== Interesting links ==
* [ Tcl Developer Xchange]
* [ Tcl Developer Xchange] and the accompanying [ SourceForge] page.
* wxWindows, [ wxWidgets]
* wxWindows, [ wxWidgets]

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The first version of tkrun appeared in the NEMO package and was written up for an ADASS conference (see 1998ASPC..145..116T). Based on a simple prescription it would present the user with a GUI interface, as long as the script or program could parse a set of keyword=value pairs from the commandline. See also the tkrun manual page for a little more information on the parsing program.

what's next

In theory as long as a program has a simple prescription that can be automatically obtained, tkrun can present this to the user in in a GUI. An example are NEMO or CARMA programs that via a specific invocation reveal their keywords and defaults, which programs like tkrun could use to build the GUI. The current version of tkrun however, need to read this prescription from a script as embedded comments in that script.

Other work

Interesting links

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