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Do this in a scratch directory where there is no miriad subdirectory, for example /tmp:

  cd /tmp
  curl ftp://ftp.astro.umd.edu/progs/bima/miriad.tar.gz | tar zxf -
  cd miriad
  ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/build   >& log1
  make                               >& log2
  make install                       >& log3

The log1 step takes not even a minute, the log2 steps takes a bit longer, maybe 10 minutes, and the log3 step about 1-2 minutes. Of course it will only successfully run if you have enough things installed on your computer. See also the Requirements.

If you want to actually try and use it, do this extra step:


after this do the usual thing to load miriad in your current shell:

  source /tmp/miriad/miriad_start.csh

it will know you have the new style install, and will also recognize if there is an old-style install.

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