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Do this in a scratch directory where there is no miriad subdirectory, for example /tmp:

  cd /tmp
  curl ftp://ftp.astro.umd.edu/progs/bima/miriad.tar.gz | tar zxf -
  cd miriad
  ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/build   >& log1
  make                               >& log2
  make install                       >& log3

The log1 step takes not even a minute, the log2 steps takes a bit longer, maybe 10 minutes, and the log3 step about 1-2 minutes.

If you want to actually try and use it, also do this:


after this you make an alias for the following command to load miriad in your shell:

  source /tmp/miriad/miriad_start.csh

it will know you have the new style install, and will also recognize if there is an old-style install.

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