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we need a logo for these wiki pages!

MAC Issues

Kartik (March 5 2007): On my Power PC G5 Desktop, I downloaded the tar ball for ppc and everything worked fine until I came to the stupid smauvspec program. It died unelegantly with a "Segmentation Fault". Solution seems to be as follows at least for my machine (running 10.4 but a PPC chip):

  • sudo gcc_select 3.0
  • cd $MIR
  • cvs update
  • mir.install subs
  • cd $MIR/bin/localsys
  • vi compile.darwin
  • Add "-lcc_dynamic" on the line setenv Flinklib after systemstubs as follows:
   * setenv Flinklib  "-lmir -llinpack -lpgplot -lX11 -lSystemStubs -lcc_dynamic -lm"
  • mirboss
  • mir.prog smauvspec
  • rehash

I am sure many of the steps here are redundant so Peter - please correct me if I am wrong.

Miriad Diaspora

There are tooooo many miriad links:

  • BIMA the official BIMA/miriad web page
  • MIRIAD V4: peter's miriad development page
  • ATNF miriad page. They have the best and most recent Users Guide, and also use the new autoconf based install. They use RCS inhouse however, disconnected from the CVS based.
  • SMA miriad page.
  • Three mailing lists: ATNF, SMA, CARMA
  • A bugzilla database that also keeps a Miriad module
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