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Under step 2:

you can now use the CC,CXX and F77 environment variables and use a generic=1 keyword to generate a good default compile.generic file in $MIR/bin/localsys. However, the current install does not copy this by default to the compile.ARCH file, you will need to do this manually and test the compiler directives. For non-standard names for the compiler pgplot will have issues compiling with the correct compiler.

pgplot with gfortran cannot compile the GIDRIV and PPDRIV. Just comment out these in $MIRLIB/drivers.list and redo the installation with mir.install pgplot prog

For Macintosh OS 10.4 users, your fortran compiler and your C compiler must be compatible. Because we need to use g77, make sure your C compiler is gcc3. Here's how:

  • find the version you are using: gcc -v
  • make sure that you have gcc 3.3 on your computer: gcc^D (use command completion attempt)
  • if the version is 4.0 and you have 3.3 on the computer, type: sudo gcc_select 3.3

This should solve the compatibility issues. The issues we have seen were a combination of missing -lcc_dynamic and/or -lSystemStubs. Edit the bin/localsys/compile.darwin for this. Wip might have a similar issue, though for that you will have to tinker with the borrow/wip/makewip file.

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