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2012-09-13               c0924.4E_88Serpen.8   4.1  A-
                                [2012-09-13 08:41]SM : C10 & C20 out of array. There is
                               shadowing of a few antennas. Tau was mostly stable. There was
                               a bit of scatter in rms though. C15 had a tsys spike. Last
                               half of track shows tsys spikes for C18. C23 had problems in
                               the middle of the track. 3 antennas in total =>-10% time.


-C10,C20 offline.
-C18,C19 show higher Tsys
-C15 some Tsys outliers  
-C23 was uncorrelated in several baselines
-Several issues with shadowing: C8,C9,C13,C14,C15,C21,C22
-C7 has phase jumps at 2.30 and 4.30
-Poor coherence with frequency (low SNR of the spectra of some baselines): C7+OVRO, C22+OVRO, C23+OVRO, C16+(C7,C8,C9)
-I remove these baselines during the mfcal step (when calibrating the continuum emission)
-Bpass with 1743-038 for the continuum map, and the noise source for the spectral lines
-Reference antenna used: C11 (due to shadowing on C8,C9...)
-MWC349 gives a flux of 3.18 Jy for 1743-038, which is consistently lower than 
 the flux we got when using a planet as a flux calibrator.
-The final map does not cover even the box1.
- RMS cont: 8 mJy/b
- RMS HCO+: 0.63 Jy/b (1 channel)
- SingleDish: window 4 antenna 6 is not good.
      • I would complain about the time charged, but with five absent antennas, a 74% of time would be charged, and that just makes a little difference (1.2 hours) with the time currently charged. Up to you, Shaye.


 *  do_uvcat3 looks really nice now.
 # project             size bmaj bmin  bpa  tint  rmscal    rmsres       res/cal
 c0924.4E_88Serpen.8  10m 6.086 5.767 50.6 0.63 4.116E-03 1.12811E-03  0.2740792
 c0924.4E_88Serpen.8   6m 22.092 9.974 -3.9 0.63 7.464E-03 1.63545E-03  0.2191117
 c0924.4E_88Serpen.8 3.5m 56.881 33.560 -61.9 0.58 5.114E-02 7.72705E-03  0.1510960


-I don't see particularly high tsys on C18 or 19. They both need some flagging though, just not total flagging. 
-I used uvbflag mask=7,8 and then csflag with cfraction=1.0,0.75,0.75 ... 
  .... and did not see major shadowing problems for C8, so used it for refant
-C7 phase jumping is weird. But data seems okay. 
-Also get flux ~3.2 for 1743-038 using mwc349. 
-cont rms: box2~8 mJy/bm
-HCO+ single channel rms: box2~629 mJy/bm



* select="ant(10,20,18,19,23)"# offline & high tsys & uncorrelated
* select="ant(16,17,18,21),time(04:36:13,06:15:00)" # high scatter on phases
* select="ant(2,4),time(03:27:13,03:31:08)" # high scatter on phases 
* select="ant(2,4,6),time(05:05:15,05:09:05)" # high gains
* select="time(05:09:05,05:13:38)" # high gains due to bad weather


 select='ant(10,20)' #not in array
 select='ant(15),time(04:02:00,06:00:00)' # no coherence
 select='ant(23),time(01:00:00,04:02:00)' #no coherence
 select='ant(19),time(01:00:00,02:34:53.5)' #bad amps
 select='ant(2,18,19),time(03:05:00,03:53:38.5)' # higher/unstable gains
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