Serpens South Trial E4 Flags

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2012-08-25               c0924.4E_88Serpen.4   5.5  B+
                                [2012-08-25 21:21]TP : Subtracted time when source was below
                               30 degrees elevation.
2012-08-25              c0924.4E_88Serpen.4    4.4    B+
                                [2012-08-25 21:21]TP : Subtracted time when source was below 30 degrees
                                                               elevation.[ Thu Sep 20 23:34:28 2012 UT ] NV : C8
                                                               offline. C23 no coherence. C13,C14,C15 shadow
                                                               during PB cal? Cal at low elev at end. Reduce time


* C8 out
* C23 no coherence
* 1743-038 observing at low elevation (28, 23, 18 degrees) in last hour. Some 6-m gains go way up. 
   Obs said they did this to fill a gap and won't charge that hour. 
* The partially observed top box looks funny. It has the full N-S extent, but not the full E-W extent. How is it being mapped???
   It was a problem in the OTF mosaic parameters. Fixed it.


* C17 had high Tsys when observing 3c279 but the data still can be used with bpass calibration purposes 
  (at least it works for the wide band, not seem so for narrow bands, where solving for bpass with C17 creates some problems).
* C7 had a phase jump between t(05:42:42,06:43:43)
* rms cont: 12/10 mJy/b
* rms window 4: ~0.83 Jy/b
* SDish: (average signal-to-noise-ratio taking into account the maps from all antennas and possible bad antennas)
   -window1:         <snr> ~ 5.1 ==> c5 had snr=2.8
   -window3,window4: <snr> ~ 5.9, 4.2



select='ant(8,23)' #no coherence
select='ant(17),source(3c279)' #very high amp
select='ant(9,14),time(06:48:53,08:00:00)' #high gains


uvbflag select="source(3c279,mars),ant(13,14,15)" # useful data for calibration purposes
select='ant(8,23)' # out and uncorrelated
select='ant(7),time(05:42:42,06:43:43)' # phase jump
select='ant(17),source(3c279)' # high tsys
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