Serpens Main Trial ExD Flags

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Manuel (final)

  • uvflag vis=$vis select="source("$cal"),time(22:10:00.0,22:11:15.0)" flagval=flag

Manuel's notes: These flags were applied after the corrected baseline solution. Antenna 20 (all bands) until 23:30h were automatically flagged. Many flags with the #tsys label are actually unnecessary commands due to the second flag with tsys cutoff listed above. The #auto labels are also unnecessary as they just highlight automatically flagged data.

Bad on-source data: Time periods 22:02-22:10h and 0:10-0:20h have large amplitudes for the on-source data.

  • uvflag vis=$ select="source("$onsource"),amplitude(200.),time(0:10,0:20)" flagval=flag
  • uvflag vis=$ select="source("$onsource"),amplitude(200.),time(22:02,22:10)" flagval=flag

John (final)

  • uvflag vis=$vis edge=2 flagval=flag

I can edit too!

Adele (final)

  • uvflag vis=$vis edge=2 flagval=flag


uvflag vis=$vis edge=3 flagval=flag

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