Serpens Main Trial 5D Flags

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  • I screwed up the expansion of the middle and right rectangle, causing them to misaligned with the left rectangle. Not a huge deal, but the pointings will all be off by a small amount from the rest of the trials. This was caught before trial 6 and will affect trials 4 and 5.


                                [2012-05-15 09:47]Andrea I. : C7 was out for maintenance.
                               Tysis is a bit noisty on C18, a bit high on C20, and a bit
                               unstable on C22. Some data is missing for C21 (shadowing??). C20: missing for 3c279 bpass observations.


  • "No" single-dish because of bug in OTF implentation. Observed the OFF only once at the start of each 20 minute source-phasecal cycle.
  • C20 partially shadowed during 3c279 observation. Need to unflag C20 with uvbflag mask=7,8 before doing passband calibration. Then I allow 10% or less shadowing of antennas with csflag cfraction=0.9,0.9,0.9. This keeps all the antennas in the mix for passband calibration. Then I do csflag without the cfraction option to remove all shadowed data from the following analysis.
  • I was having trouble with my continuum maps looking bad because the gain solutions were not applied for some reason in the last uvcat call in my script! nothing to do with the csflag/uvbflag stuff! Why is the uvcat not applying the solutions there??? no idea.


  • Some data is missing for C16, C20 and C21 (shadowing??), in the (C20 and C21) same way as in track 5.
  • C16 seemed to has also constant higher (1.2) gains.
  • C20: missing for 3c279 bpass observations.
  • C21: neptune is missing.
  • Good weather conditions.


  • C20: missing for 3c279 bpass observations, same in tracks 4-7
  • C21: also missing for 3c279 bpass observations, same in tracks 4-7



Before passband calibration (to keep C20)
* uvbflag vis=$vis mask=7,8 select='ant(20)' flagval=unflag
* csflag vis=$vis cfraction=0.9,0,9,0.9
* csflag vis=$vis sarray=0 cfraction=0.9,0,9,0.9
After passband calibration
* csflag vis=$vis 
* csflag vis=$vis sarray=0


* edges=2,2
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