Serpens Main Trial 1D Flags

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Preliminary Flags:
 * tsys=1500.
 * qvack ant(8) interval=0.33 mode=source #cal wheel problem?
 * ant(22),win(1,4) #noisy phase


 * csflag    # shadowed antennas ?
 * uvflag edge=2,2    # edges
 * qvack select="ant(8)" interval=0.42 mode=source    # 25 first sec of each integration
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(8),time(10:08:00,10:08:40)"  # qvack is not perfect
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(8),time(11:07:30,11:07:45)"  # qvack is not perfect
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(8),time(12:08:40,12:08:50)"  # qvack is not perfect
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(8),time(12:55:00,12:55:25)"  # qvack is not perfect
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(14),time(14:25,14:30)"        # high gain
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(17),time(15:00,15:05)"        # high gain
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038),ant(22),time(14:00,14:35)"        # high gain
 * uvflag select="source(1743-038,serpm),ant(19,20,21),time(14:07:41,15:38)"  # high gains and end of track (elevation, weather ??)


After the telecon I checked my line definition, I had some narrowband data being averaged in,
causing the phases to appear bad. Everything looks coherent now with just the wideband.


 * ant(16)(17),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * ant(16)(18),win(1,4) #noisy phase  
 * ant(16)(19),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * ant(16)(20),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * ant(16)(21),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * ant(16)(21),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * ant(16)(23),win(1,4) #noisy phase
 * Also, when I do smauvplt vis=uvdata select="-source(noise),win(1),ant(19),-auto" 

I don't see any MWC346 (for antenna 19). Is this a problem?

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